Cosmic (Super)Strings Meeting

12 September

A one day meeting to focus on observational and theoretical
issues of cosmic superstrings.

Scientific Programme


UK Particle Cosmology Network Meeting

13-14 September

A two day meeting on cosmology. We will have overview talks by experts on selected topics, and short talks by PhD students and postdocs working in cosmology.

Invited speakers include:

Daniel Baumann
Cedric Deffayet
Alan Heavens
Takahiro Tanaka

Scientific Programme


These meetings are financially supported by STFC and IPPP. We will be able to provide accommodation and reimburse reasonable travel expenses to participants working in UK. We can accommodate at most 50 external participants in our lecture room. Participation will be granted in a first come first served basis, so please register soon.



Informal Workshop on Theoretical Cosmology.

15-23 September

We plan to have two talks per day and leave plenty of time for discussion among the participants. However, due to limited space, we can only accommodate a small number of participants.


Invited speakers include:

Bruce Bassett
Chris Clarkson
Ruth Gregory
David Lyth
Misao Sasaki

This workshop is supported by Daiwa Adrian prize awarded to the research teams led by Professors Misao Sasaki (Kyoto) and David Wands (Portsmouth) to support work to understand non-linear cosmological perturbations.

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