Ex 2.) Logging in to Sciama

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Using the ssh keys generated in the previous exercise log into the Sciama environment.

There are eight login servers. For the purpose of the exercises please only use:-

  • login4.sciama.icg.port.ac.uk

When you connect to Sciama you need to decide whether you are going to work from a command line or whether you need to be able to display graphical user interfaces (GUIs) from applications running on Sciama. These two modes are called :-

  • Terminal mode (e.g. ssh)
  • Graphical mode (e.g. ssh + X-forwarding, NoMachine)

The KB article on both modes can be found HERE.


Log-in to your designated Login sever. You can use either terminal or windows mode.

Once logged in copy the training material into your $HOME area and unpack. Use the following commands in a terminal :-

  • cd $HOME
  • cp /opt/apps/training/training.tar.gz  $HOME
  • tar xvf training.tar.gz
  • cd training
  • ls


The output of ls should display a number of files and folders.

NB: information on any Linux command can be found in the manual pages. Use the “man” command on the command line:-

  • man <command>


The training directory contains a number of sub directories :-

  • src – contains example source code.
  • logs – will contain the log files of any jobs run.
  • bin – will contain an executables created.
  • scripts – will contain example job scripts.


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