Dr. Claudia Maraston
Marie-Curie Excellence Grant Team Leader
Reader in Astrophysics at the University of Portsmouth
Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation
Dennis Sciama Building
Burnaby Road
Portsmouth, PO1 3FX, UK


Me in Ney York My field of research is galaxy formation and evolution. In particular, my expertise lies in the calculation of models for the spectro-photometric evolution of stellar populations, i.e. galaxies and star clusters. These models find ubiquitous applications in astrophysics and cosmology. They are used to:
* derive the physical properties of galaxies - age, mass, formation epoch and history - from observational data and trace galaxy evolution semi-empirically;
* calculate the same properties out of galaxy formation simulations or semi-analytic models and predict galaxy evolution within a cosmological model;
* derive the amount of dark matter in a galaxy by subtraction of the luminous matter;
* determine galaxy photometric redshifts and redshift-corrections, e.g. k- and e;
* design galaxy surveys;
* design astronomical instruments such as spectrographs.
Within this research field I lead a European-funded Marie-Curie Excellence Team Grant project called UniMass-Galaxy Evolution through Cosmic Time.

The main model webpage and the code resource page are linked below.
Further down you find links to international collaborations I'm involved in.

Stellar Population Models

Semi-analytic models with the M05 population models  to be activated soon

Code resources  to be activated soon

The SERVS Spitzer Warm Mission

The SDSS-III collaboration

The GAMA collaboration

The Dark Energy Survey


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