My travels

A summary of my travels from 2001-2012. Nice as a memory, not updated since I had a second toddler and got too busy!
Beijing and Hong Kong, China IAU Meeting and Holiday Aug 16-Sept 1st 2012
Heidelberg, Germany Dot Astronomy Meeting July 8-12th 2012
Rome, Italy EWASS Meeting July 1st-3rd 2012
Hastings, UK Holiday May 4-7th 2012
New Quay, Wales Visit family April 5-11th 2012
Manchester UK National Astronomy Meeting April 28-30th 2012
Los Angeles, CA, USA Visit family Dec 15-30th 2011
New Quay, Wales Visit family July 29th-Aug 1st 2011
Boston, MA and Ithaca, NY, USA AAS Meeting and other work stuff May 13-27th (ish) 2011
Llandudno, Wales UK National Astronomy Meeting April 17th-21st 2011
Los Angeles, CA, USA American Thanksgiving - visit family Nov 18-30th 2010
Paris, France SDSSIII Collaboration Meeting Sept 15-18th 2010
Zurich/Munich Holiday June 18th-22nd 2010
Loire Valley, France Holiday July 10-16th 2010
Los Angeles, CA, USA American Thanksgiving - visit family Nov 19-30th 2009
Paris, France Holiday! July 12-19th 2009
Kingston, ON, Canada Unveiling the Mass of Galaxies conference. June 13th-2009
Socorro, NM NRAO Users Committee May 4th,5th 2009
Los Angeles, CA AAS Long Beach, visit family and friends Dec 31st 2008-Jan 12th 2009
Green Bank, WV GBT Dynamic Scheduling Review Dec 7-10th 2008
Zurich, Switzerland Talk at ITP, visit friends Nov 13-16th 2008
Los Angeles, CA Visiting family Sept 1st-17th 2008
Cape Cod and Nantucket Holiday Aug 29th-31st 2008
Ithaca, NY Visited friends July 9th 2008
Toronto, Canada Wynn had conference, visited friends July 3rd-8th 2008
Green Bank, WV NRAO Users Committee May 19th-22nd
Australia Observing at Parkes May 9th-16th
London Interview at Royal Observatory, Greenwich Apr 21st-24th
Los Angeles, CA Visit Family Apr 3rd-10th
Arecibo, Puerto Rico HI Conference Feb 1st-3rd 2008
Birmingham, UK Christmas Dec 19-28th 2007
LA Thanksgiving Nov 17-24th 2007
Montreal, Quebec Wynn has conference Aug 12th-18th 2007
UK Holiday, visit family July 27th-Aug 10th 2007
Charlottesville, VA NRAO 50th Conference June 17th-21st 2007
Hawaii AAS Meeting May 25th-June 4th 2007
Los Angeles, CA Visit family May 18-25th 2007
Los Angeles, CA Visit family Jan 10-16th 2007
Birmingham, UK Christmas with family Dec 19-30th 2006
New York, NY Fun with Kristine! Dec 8-9th 2006
Australia Observing at Parkes, visit Sydney Oct 30-Nov 14th 2006
Ithaca, NY Dark and Dusty Galaxies Oct 13-14 2006
Beijing, China Holiday July 17th-30th 2006
Ithaca, NY ALFALFA Conference and Shami's Wedding June 22-29th 2006
Los Angeles, CA Wedding April 12th-19th 2006
Birmingham, UK Wedding March 14th-22nd 2006
Las Campanas, Chile Observing at Magellan Feb 25th-March 2nd 2006
Green Bank, West Virginia Observing at Green Bank Telescope Feb 5th-17th 2006
Washington, D.C. AAS Meeting Jan 8th-14th 2006
Birmingham, UK Christmas Dec 15th 2005-Jan 3rd 2006
LA Thanksgiving Nov 19-26th 2005
LA-Boston Drive cross country Aug 13th-20th 2005
LA Visit family and friends Aug 8th-12th 2005
San Fransisco Visit Wynn Aug 4th-8th 2005
Boston Move Aug 1st 2005
Boston Apartment hunting July 6-10th 2005
Niagara Falls Trip with family May 30-31st 2005
Birmingham, UK Visit family and NAM 2005 March 30th-April 13th 2005
San Diego/LA Dean and Evelyn's Wedding March 16-22nd 2005
Boston Visit Feb 9-12th 2005
Back to Ithaca January 24 2005
San Diego AAS Meeting January 8-13 2005
Lake Tahoe (Heavenly) Skiing! January 2-5 2005
Los Angeles Christmas. :) December 23-28 2004
San Fransisco Texas Symposium December 12-17 2004
Birmingham, England Visit family October 22nd-31st 2004
Aspen, Colorado NVO Summer School September 12-18th 2004
San Fransisco Visit Wynn. August 11-24th 2004
Sechelt, British Columbia Kristine and Nick's Wedding. July 12-19th 2004
Seattle Visit friends. July 9-11th 2004
Toronto Quick trip with Kristine July 1-3rd 2004
San Fransisco Staying with Wynn May 17th- June 4th 2004
Kitt Peak, Arizona Observing at WIYN with Liese van Zee May 9-16th 2004
Birmingham, England Visit family. Mar 17-30th 2004.
Palomar, California Observing with Hale 200" Telescope. Feb 9-16th 2004.
Atlanta, Georgia AAS Meeting Jan 3-8 2004.
NYC, Ithaca, Washington DC,
and Charlotte NC.
Mum and Dad visiting for Christmas Dec 20 2003-Jan 3 2004.
Baltimore, Maryland Attend Hubble Fellows Talks Dec 8-11 2003.
Palomar, California Observing with Hale 200" Telescope. Oct 23-27 2003
Washington, D.C. Communicating Astronomy to the Public Conference Oct 1-3 2003
Arecibo, Puerto Rico Observing Sep 3-9 2003
USA Drive from Ithaca - San Fransisco August 4-21 2003
Sydney, Australia IAU Meeting July 11-30 2003
England Katie and Matt's Wedding April 12-20 2003
Dublin, Ireland NAM 2003 April 7-12 2003
Arecibo, Puerto Rico EALFA Meeting March 14-17 2003
Palomar, California Observing with Hale 200" Telescope. March 1-5 2003
England Feb 10-17 2003
England and Scotland Christmas Holiday Dec 19 2002 - Jan 7 2003
Cape Canaveral, Florida Contour launch June 28 - July 4 2002
Socorro, New Mexico VLA Summer School June 17-26 2002
England and Wales Graduation ceremony May 28 - June 12 2002
Palomar, California Observing with Hale 200" Telescope. April 3-10 2002
England and Denmark Christmas Holiday Dec 21 2001 - Jan 7 2002
Palomar, California Observing with Hale 200" Telescope. September 2001
England Josh and Cathy's Wedding August 2001
Arecibo, Puerto Rico NAIC/NRAO Single Dish Summer School June 2001