Daily life in the department and seeking support

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Daily life in the department

  • Find your way in the Campus using the University maps.
  • During term time, the main colloquia in the department are held on Thursdays, though there are other weekly events. Students and PDRAs are invited to lunch with the speaker.
  • Staff should book holidays through the ESS portal after agreeing with their line manager. To access the ESS portal go to the staff essentials hub page and quick on the ESS link on the right hand side. PhD students should agree holiday dates with their supervisor and email the dates to the ICG Administrators.
  • If you are feeling unwell, you should contact your line manager or supervisor and notify the ICG Administrators. If you a member of staff, you should also record your days of sickness on the ESS portal.
  • Let the ICG Administrators know which days you will be away from your desk, so it can be used for visitors. Also, if you are working from home, inform both the ICG Administrators and your line manager/supervisor.
  • You can get stationery from the cupboard next to ICG admin office.
  • There are many public outreach opportunities to get involved in. Contact the outreach officer for details.
  • There is a visitors’ grant, so if you are interested in inviting someone talk with your line manager or supervisor.
  • Ensure that you upload your accepted publications, and other activities (e.g. talks, conferences) onto the University of Portsmouth repository: Pure. The accepted (“postprint”) version needs to be uploaded within 3 months of acceptance.

Seeking support and help

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