How do I keep track of ICG events?

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Various ICG-related events are taking place every week both inside the institute (seminars, colloquia, lectures, journal clubs, etc.) as well as outside (e.g. outreach events). To announce and keep an overview of these events, the organizers usually add them to the ICG event database that runs on our WordPress webserver (for informations on how to add new events, please check the related article below). This database that provides informations on can be accessed in the following two ways …

Event Schedule on the ICG website

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You can find an overview over all events in the Talks,Lectures,Meetings section of our ICG website which provides a browse-able timetable.

For a filtered selections of specific type of events, select the respective link at the top of the site.

Import events into Google calendar or alternative Calendar apps

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The website also provides to links at its bottom to either subscribe to this event list and import it to either your Google Calendar or by using the link to the ICS feed to most modern Calendar applications (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird/Lightning).

For the latter you either save and open the ics file you get by clicking onto the link in your Calendar app or import the event feed directly by using the associated URL:

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