How to add conference attendance, talks, and other activities to PURE.

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It is a requirement that whenever you attend a conference, or give a talk, you upload it to PURE. This allows the University to see what everyone is doing and evidence that we are meeting our requirements for communicating our science results.

Here are some quick instructions for doing his. Please ask Ian and/or Kazuya if you have any questions about this!

  1. Login ( university username & password) and click the green ‘Add content‘ button (on the right).
  2. Click Activity (left hand side)
  3. Then choose the appropriate Activity and proceed from there
  4. For e.g. “Participating in or organizing an event type” -> “Participation in XXX” for conference attendance
  5. “Talk or presentation type” for talks.
  6. Also check out the options here. Things like doing a thesis defense should be logged. Prizes should be logged.
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