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To be able to print at the ICG you will need to be connected to the network or on VPN wirelessly.  You will need admin rights to be able to add a printer, please contact ICG computing to do so.

There are two printers in the break room on the third floor :-

  • Colour – Pr-Dennis-Sc-3-15-COLOUR  ( – HP Color LaserJet M553
  • Black and White – Pr-Dennis-Sc-3-15-MONO ( – HP LaserJet M604


You can also send prints to the Sharp photocopier but only do this in an emergency or if you really need A3 print-outs. The ICG is charged per sheet, this is expensive compared to the conventional printers.

  • Sharp Photocopier – Pr-Dennis-Sc-3-15-MFD (  – MX-3070N


There is also a black and white printer on the second floor in room 2.04.

  • Black and White –  – Samsung ML-451x 501x Series

and another colour printer in room 2.07

  • Colour – – Samsung CLP-620

To add a printer:

  • You will need Admin access to add a printer.
    • For Windows IS have to remotely log in to your machine to add.
    • Linux, please ask ICG IT team if you don’t have admin rights.
    • MacOS, please ask ICG IT team if you don’t have admin rights.
  • If on Eduroam(wifi) connect to VPN and follow the procedure below
  • If wired to the network follow the procedure below


Windows – You will need IS to add the printer using an admin account.

Linux – if you are on your personal laptop, use CUPS to detect/add the printers with the IPs listed above. For ICG workstations, email icg-computing@port.ac.uk with your  IP address (output of ifconfig)

macOS – Add printer using the IP address, choose HP Jetdirect – socket protocol and Generic PCL Printer software.

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