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The University of Portsmouth has its own repository for research papers. This is called “Pure”, and all papers that have authors or co-authors employed by the University of Portsmouth are expected to be uploaded to this repository. The accepted versions of papers need to be uploaded within 3 months of acceptance (HEFCE’s requirement).

Research England may audit a small number of papers to check the acceptance date. Some journals explicitly state the acceptance date (i.e. MNRAS, JCAP) but some journals do not have this (i.e. PRD, ApJ). In this case, keep the acceptance e-mails from journals.

Once you have uploaded accepted versions (post-print) of a paper to arXIv, follow these steps:

  1. Login ( university username & password) and click the green ‘Add content‘ button (on the right).
  2. Click Research Outputs (left-hand menu), and then ‘Import from online source’.
  3. Then select arXiv.
  4. Search for your publication (using the archive number).
  5. Click on include pdf (at bottom).
  6. Click Import.
  7. Check the publication details, including adding the full date of acceptance.
  8. It is a good practice to keep the acceptance e-mail from the journal to confirm the date of acceptance.
  9. Ensure the version of the article imported is the post-print (ie. after peer-review changes have been incorporated) and NOT the pre-print. Funders and HEFCE do not count the pre-print.  (It needs to have been uploaded to arXiv after the acceptance date and should not say ‘pre-print’ on it. Info on the different versions of articles).
  10. Edit the pdf file and set the document version to “Accepted author manuscript (Post-print)”. You may need to set an embargo perido for some journals (i.e. IOP journals such as JCAP).
  11. Scroll down, select ‘For Validation’ and then click Save.
  12. You may have to add/alter a small number of details at this stage.

You can check the original instructions here and there is also a ‘Quick guide to uploading publications to Pure‘ and information on how ICG academics can set up notifications in Pure.


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