What are the rules for SDSS-IV data access at the ICG?

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The ICG is a full member of SDSS- all members of the ICG are therefore entitled to proprietary SDSS-IV data access. This provides access to eBOSS, MaNGA, and APOGEE-2 data. You’ll need to request access using this form, which contains full instructions: https://trac.sdss.org/register


There’s also a few things to bear in mind when you leave the ICG (wiki access is needed to view the links).


You are able to continue data access after leaving the ICG for a non-SDSS institute in order to finish projects/papers. Under SDSS-IV rules, you can finish projects using SDSS-IV proprietary data, provided the project was started before you left the ICG. This requires an external collaborator (EC) request.


Likewise, if you’d like to involve a non-SDSS-IV member in your project, you will need to request EC status for them. This can include visiting summer project students.


The rules regarding EC requests are posted here: https://trac.sdss.org/wiki/CoCo/PubPolicy/EC



If you have any SDSS related issues that you’d like me to bring to the attention of the collaboration council, let me know so I can raise them for discussion in the telecons.
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