Magnetic fields are observed on all astrophysical scales of the modern Universe, from planets and stars to galaxies and galaxy clusters. There are also hints of Mpc-scale magnetic fields in the intergalactic medium. Such large-scale fields, if confirmed, have most likely been generated shortly after the Big Bang and might hold a key for solving […]

It is well known that stars observed in the local Universe form with something very close to a universal initial mass function (IMF) where the vast majority are of low mass. However, theory and simulations of the formation of the first stars in the Universe predict a top-heavy IMF with significant dependence on environment. How […]

The current and upcoming surveys in cosmology will soon deliver an unprecedented amount of precision measurements, truly opening an era of precision cosmology.  However, this rapid development in experiments and observations demands substantial advances in theoretical modeling to avoid any systematic errors in our interpretation.  The standard theoretical descriptions of galaxy clustering, weak gravitational lensing, […]